Bedford, TX Bail Bonds: Avoid Jail for Overtaking a Stopped School Bus

Overtaking a stopped school bus is not a capital offense, so a violator in Bedford can obtain Bedford, TX bail bonds to post bail. The amount of bail depends on county regulations in accordance with Chapter 1704 of the Texas Occupations Code. Bail bonds, however, come with a cost which is usually ten percent of the bail amount.

Posting bail allows the accused freedom from jail while the case is being processed. This gives them breathing space, and allows them to remain with family and friends who can offer support through the process. It also helps the accused to better prepare for their day in court. Bail bonds from Bedford, TX services like Just Bail Bonds make the process more affordable and efficient for everyone.


Keller Bail Bonds: What are the Factors that Influence Bail Amount?

The length of time it takes for a case to be tried in a Keller court varies, depending on several factors. In many cases, the decision on whether the trial should start right away is all up to the judge. This kind of system can lead to volatility in detainment duration before a verdict is given. Fortunately, a person arrested for an offense can post bail to gain freedom while the case proceedings are underway.

A bail is a form of security set by the court allowing a defendant immediate release from jail, while preventing him from fleeing the jurisdiction, or not appearing in court. The cost of bail is influenced by a number of factors, including the standard amount for a type of crime or misdemeanor. The judge ultimately decides on the bail amount, which may be higher or lower than the standard. Below is an excerpt from an article in, discussing the major factors that affect bail bond amounts.

Avoid Jail Time Due to Traffic Violations with Fort Worth Bail Bonds

The majority of traffic violations in Fort Worth, such as speeding and DUI, do not usually lead to detention. However, they can build up and gain enough weight to be considered as grounds for jail time. In many occasions, the only way to secure immediate release is to post bail.

Posting bail is not easy for a lot of arrested Fort Worth locals, as even bail for traffic violations can be quite a sizeable amount. Fortunately, accessible Fort Worth bail bonds from companies like Just Bail Bonds can help those who cannot afford the cost of bail.

Love and Bail Bonds in Hurst, TX Can Help if Your Child is Arrested

In Texas, those under the age of 17 may be arrested as a juvenile, and charged of “delinquent conduct” or “conduct in need of supervision”. Delinquent conduct refers to an act that could merit jail time if done by an adult; while conduct in need of supervision is one that, when done by an adult could lead only to a fine.

In some cases, however, the court could certify a teen as an adult, and the justice proceedings will take place outside of the juvenile justice system. In this type of cases, the need for acquiring Hurst bail bonds is even more enhanced.

One other thing parents can do for their kids is to get them legal representation. A lawyer, particularly one specializing in juvenile law, will help ensure the child’s rights are protected. This is particularly important since Texas laws do not require the presence of parents in the interrogation of minors.

Arlington Bail Bonds Companies Remind the Accused of Miranda Rights

It’s bad enough for anyone to be arrested for the mildest of offenses; it’s even worse if he or she is wrongfully arrested in the first place. Chris Matyszczyk, a creative director and a contributor to CNET, recounts the case of Keira Wilmot, a student at Bartow High School in Florida, who was arrested last year for “felony possession and discharge of a dangerous weapon.”
The “weapon” in question was a science project gone wrong that did not result to any injury or property damage. Despite the obviously harmless incident, Wilmot was arrested, without her rights being read, no less. She graduated earlier this year with a felony arrest record that can’t be expunged until after five years.
It’s hard to say if Wilmot’s situation would have been handled differently if she lived in Texas. However, the story is a clear demonstration of why Arlington bail bonds companies, like Just Bail Bonds, always remind those who get arrested to be aware of their Miranda rights.