Arlington Bail Bonds Companies Remind the Accused of Miranda Rights

It’s bad enough for anyone to be arrested for the mildest of offenses; it’s even worse if he or she is wrongfully arrested in the first place. Chris Matyszczyk, a creative director and a contributor to CNET, recounts the case of Keira Wilmot, a student at Bartow High School in Florida, who was arrested last year for “felony possession and discharge of a dangerous weapon.”
The “weapon” in question was a science project gone wrong that did not result to any injury or property damage. Despite the obviously harmless incident, Wilmot was arrested, without her rights being read, no less. She graduated earlier this year with a felony arrest record that can’t be expunged until after five years.
It’s hard to say if Wilmot’s situation would have been handled differently if she lived in Texas. However, the story is a clear demonstration of why Arlington bail bonds companies, like Just Bail Bonds, always remind those who get arrested to be aware of their Miranda rights.


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