Mansfield Bail Bonds Companies Assure that Your Jail Stay is Short

Then again, posting bail is not as easy as just saying that you want to do so. After you’re booked for an offense, you can immediately post bail if your infraction isn’t serious or is considered as a “bailable offense”, such as traffic violations and minor misdemeanors. For more serious crimes, usually violent ones, felonies, or repeated offenses, a judge will be needed to determine how much the bail will be. This is where convenient Mansfield bail bonds come in.

Judges usually determine how high to set the bail according to four factors: how serious the crime is, previous criminal records, the chances that the accused will flee before the trial, and the accused’s financial status. This can result in different bail amounts for the same crime; don’t worry though, as judges can’t set excessively high bails or fines according to the Eighth Amendment.


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