Bail Bonds in Arlington, TX: What to Do When Arrested on DWI Charges

There will be times when the judge will set bail at a price you cannot afford. In such cases, you will have to post bond, a process where a bail bond company will pay for most of your bail for you. Don’t wait for this to happen before you start looking for an agent that offers bail bonds in Arlington, TX.

If you must resort to using Arlington bail bonds to get out of jail, make sure you work with a reputable service like Just Bail Bonds. Respected bail bond agents can help expedite the entire process of paying bail.


Placed Under Arrest? Bail Bonds in Tarrant County, TX Can Save the Day

“The amount of bail you have to post depends on the crime that you have been accused of. However, to be able to post bail, a person has to follow a process. First, the offender has to be booked at the police station, and then he will have the opportunity to bail himself out. For some crimes, the posting of bail comes after an arraignment or a bail hearing.

In case you or a loved one has been arrested in Tarrant County and you’re unable to afford the set bail, you can actually turn to a bondsman or bonds agent from a trusted Tarrant County bail bonds company like Just Bail Bonds.”

Mansfield Bail Bonds Companies Assure that Your Jail Stay is Short

Then again, posting bail is not as easy as just saying that you want to do so. After you’re booked for an offense, you can immediately post bail if your infraction isn’t serious or is considered as a “bailable offense”, such as traffic violations and minor misdemeanors. For more serious crimes, usually violent ones, felonies, or repeated offenses, a judge will be needed to determine how much the bail will be. This is where convenient Mansfield bail bonds come in.

Judges usually determine how high to set the bail according to four factors: how serious the crime is, previous criminal records, the chances that the accused will flee before the trial, and the accused’s financial status. This can result in different bail amounts for the same crime; don’t worry though, as judges can’t set excessively high bails or fines according to the Eighth Amendment.

On the Case of QB Kevin Kolb: The Basics of Bail Bonds in Euless, TX

A bail bond is basically a contract between a person accused of a crime and an agent called a bondsman. Bondsmen pay the entire amount of a suspect’s bail in return for a fee called a premium, which is typically 10 percent of the entire bail amount. The bondsman keeps this fee when the accused is released from jail. The latter then agrees to show up in court for trial; and if they choose not to (skipping bail), the bondsman enlists the help of bail enforcement agents (aka bounty hunters) to track down the accused and bring him/her back to court, thereby preventing the forfeiture of the bail money paid by the bondsman.

Of course, one is not and will never be encouraged to have a run-in with the law, because a police record isn’t a good thing to have at any time of day.

A Brief History of Bail before the Age of Bedford Bail Bonds Companies

Before numerous Bedford, TX bail bonds companies went into business, bail and bail law originated as far back as Ancient Rome, which then continued into the Byzantine Empire and the medieval ages. By the latter period, bail law became more prominent.

17th Century England is known as one of the frontrunners for numerous bail systems around the world, specifically the American bail system. In 1677, the English parliament passed the Habeas Corpus Act, which established that the top magistrates are the ones to set bail terms. In medieval England, law enforcement officers known as sheriffs possessed sovereign authority to release or hold suspected criminals. However, some of these sheriffs would exploit the bail for their own gain, prompting the government to limit the discretion of sheriffs with respect to bail.

Basic Rules and Guidelines about Bail and Bail Bonds in Keller, TX

There are two instances wherein the accused can be held for “jumping bail”: (1) failing to appear in court as agreed upon, and (2) violating any one of the conditions set by the court. In any of these cases, your bail will likely be revoked and you may have to sit in jail for a certain period of time.

If you have a friend or loved one who needs to be bailed out and you have no idea or the resources to do so, you can turn to a trusted Keller bail bonds provider like Just Bail Bonds. Before you go ahead and bail out someone you know, consider first whether the person is a flight risk and will only put your efforts to waste.

On Arrests and Bail Bonds in Fort Worth: Understanding How It Works

“Should the defendant diligently attend all his hearings and maintains the terms of his release, the court will refund the entire bail amount. If the accused flees, the guarantor or bail bonds provider may send a recovery agent, typically known as a bounty hunter, after the fugitive to avoid a considerable financial loss.

If you know anyone who broke Texas law and is awaiting trial, decide carefully whether or not you want to guarantee this person’s appearance in court. If you choose the affirmative, but don’t exactly know how to post Fort Worth bail bonds, you can always rely on a third-party bondsman for help.”