Bedford, TX Bail Bonds Can Provide Immediate Release after an Arrest

Nonetheless, bail is still often a considerable amount which may be hard to raise in a short period of time. To avoid having to stay in jail longer than necessary, you can seek the help of Bedford, TX bail bonds agents. More popularly known as bondsmen, these individuals will provide payment for a fee, which is usually 10 percent of the actual bail amount. This kind of service can help you post bail immediately to eliminate or minimize jail time.

However, to make sure that you will meet the conditions of bail set by the court, the bail bond company will often ask for a collateral which is usually one of your properties.


A Brief History of Bail before the Age of Bedford Bail Bonds Companies

Before numerous Bedford, TX bail bonds companies went into business, bail and bail law originated as far back as Ancient Rome, which then continued into the Byzantine Empire and the medieval ages. By the latter period, bail law became more prominent.

17th Century England is known as one of the frontrunners for numerous bail systems around the world, specifically the American bail system. In 1677, the English parliament passed the Habeas Corpus Act, which established that the top magistrates are the ones to set bail terms. In medieval England, law enforcement officers known as sheriffs possessed sovereign authority to release or hold suspected criminals. However, some of these sheriffs would exploit the bail for their own gain, prompting the government to limit the discretion of sheriffs with respect to bail.

Bedford, TX Bail Bonds: Avoid Jail for Overtaking a Stopped School Bus

Overtaking a stopped school bus is not a capital offense, so a violator in Bedford can obtain Bedford, TX bail bonds to post bail. The amount of bail depends on county regulations in accordance with Chapter 1704 of the Texas Occupations Code. Bail bonds, however, come with a cost which is usually ten percent of the bail amount.

Posting bail allows the accused freedom from jail while the case is being processed. This gives them breathing space, and allows them to remain with family and friends who can offer support through the process. It also helps the accused to better prepare for their day in court. Bail bonds from Bedford, TX services like Just Bail Bonds make the process more affordable and efficient for everyone.