Bail Bonds in Euless, TX Can Set You Free Before Your Day in Court

If the accused does not have the resources for a cash or surety bond payment, a bondsman can guide him or her through property bond, which, in effect, means the defendant pays for bail through a property of value. A defendant who chooses this option essentially gives the court a lien on the property, and the right to foreclose it if the defendant jumps bail.

Property is also often involved in a surety bond arrangement with Euless, TX bail bonds providers, as the agent may require one as collateral. This gives the agent better assurance that the defendant will show up on his or her court proceedings.


Euless, TX Bail Bonds Basics: What Determines the Price of Freedom?

Bail amount increases with the seriousness of the crime and number of priors. Committing the same misdemeanor more than twice will require a bond of $15,000. Dallas-Fort Worth area residents who need to post bail and cannot come up with the amount on their own can resort to Euless, TX bail bonds from reliable bond agents like Just Bail Bonds.

While bail schedules serve as a guideline for bail amounts, these are not cut-and-dried figures. Ultimately, the judge will decide the final amount based on the factors discussed above.

However, those who want to get out of jail the quickest way possible can work with a Euless, TX bail bonds agent as soon as they are arrested. These bondsmen can make the necessary arrangements to post bail for the accused without waiting for a bail hearing.

Defendants must keep in mind however that bails paid prior to a hearing are based on bail schedules. A bail hearing may eventually result in a lesser charge, or a lower bail amount.