Services like Mansfield Bail Bonds let Injured Rangers Catcher Go Gree

On the other hand, going over 2 ounces up to over 5 pounds is classifiable as a Class A Misdemeanor offense, which can lead to about one to ten years of jail sentence, and fines amounting from $4000 to a maximum of $50000. Pot enthusiasts in Texas will have to wait until 2017 to be free of legal run-ins, as the state plans to regulate recreational marijuana similarly to alcohol by that time.

Marijuana offenders in the Lone Star State have the services of companies like Just Bail Bonds to thank, as they offer trusty bail bonds in Mansfield, TX as well as in nearby locales. For Soto, he is at least temporarily relieved of the troubles of jail life until his trial day arrives.


Mansfield Bail Bonds Companies Assure that Your Jail Stay is Short

Then again, posting bail is not as easy as just saying that you want to do so. After you’re booked for an offense, you can immediately post bail if your infraction isn’t serious or is considered as a “bailable offense”, such as traffic violations and minor misdemeanors. For more serious crimes, usually violent ones, felonies, or repeated offenses, a judge will be needed to determine how much the bail will be. This is where convenient Mansfield bail bonds come in.

Judges usually determine how high to set the bail according to four factors: how serious the crime is, previous criminal records, the chances that the accused will flee before the trial, and the accused’s financial status. This can result in different bail amounts for the same crime; don’t worry though, as judges can’t set excessively high bails or fines according to the Eighth Amendment.

Mansfield Bail Bonds Experts Give Advice on What to Do After Arrest

Despite any previous experience or secondhand accounts, you may not be totally familiar with the local criminal justice system. If the charge against you is a non-capital or non-serious offense, you are likely eligible for bail. Consult professionals who are well-versed in the bail bond process to learn about your options for bail.
Bail can be paid in cash, property bond, or surety bond. A bail bond expert can help you determine which among these would best suit your financial resources and preference. In some cases where the set bail is too high, you can request for a lower bail in a special hearing or during arraignment.
When you don’t have enough cash to pay for bail, securing bail bonds in Mansfield, TX may be your best option. Licensed bail bond agents from reputable companies like Just Bail Bond are always available to explain the advantages of a surety bond.