With Bail Set, Teen Mom has a Way out Thru Tarrant County Bail Bonds

A bail of $125,000 is a bit high, but can still be handled much easier with reliable bail bonds around Tarrant County or other areas. Offered by companies such as Just Bail Bonds, Botello and other accused juveniles like herself still have a chance to escape jail time (albeit temporarily) until trial day comes and all is laid before the eyes of the court for judgment. So how exactly do these bail bonds work?

Bail bonds are agreements made between an accused individual and a bail bondsman. The bondsman’s job is to settle the accused person’s bail amount for a fee, which is often 10% of the total bail amount. Once the bail bondman presents the court with the bond, the defendant agrees to not miss any trial dates along the way.


Bail Bonds in Euless, TX Can Set You Free Before Your Day in Court

If the accused does not have the resources for a cash or surety bond payment, a bondsman can guide him or her through property bond, which, in effect, means the defendant pays for bail through a property of value. A defendant who chooses this option essentially gives the court a lien on the property, and the right to foreclose it if the defendant jumps bail.

Property is also often involved in a surety bond arrangement with Euless, TX bail bonds providers, as the agent may require one as collateral. This gives the agent better assurance that the defendant will show up on his or her court proceedings.